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The first thing I do when cleaning up my working memory is not to empty it. It is blocking the entry and exit of any information in the brain. In a figurative sense, this means covering the ears, eyes, mouth and getting into a hole protected from everything. But it varies in each one. Not only in the profile of each living person, but in their health / emotional state at the moment.

At that time, I pay attention only to what is in front of me. If something gets in my way, I say “GET OUT!!!”. This get out means taking out of the few external stimuli that remain, mainly from the visual and additive fields, anything that is not absolutely a priority. This withdrawal does not mean attack. It’s just a defense, pure conditioned reflex.

During the GET OUT phase, I become stronger and more courageous. Also, I get more impatient and rushed. But this phase has to be quick, otherwise strength and patience will run out.

If, at this stage, an expletive comes to mind, write it down, because it is the seed of a creative idea. But I warn you, just write it down without showing it to anyone and quickly forget it. For it will need to be planted and developed in order to be understood by reason. If the reason analyzes the meaning of that expletive during this phase, it becomes garbage.

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At the end of the GET OUT phase, working memory remains confused, with conflicting information. However, only with the old information, because the new ones did not enter. In this way, the conflicting neurons were in a space empty enough to reflect and complement each other instead of subtracting.

Within my periodic routines, the most effective activities to trigger the GET OUT phase are Pilates-style exercises or focusing on some domestic activity, for example washing dishes, listening to the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra.

It is in this empty pandemonium of working memory that creative ideas come to me. And the more empty (like the atom) the greater the abundance of these ideas.

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Without realizing it, you will be reducing the focus of your next contexts and that of the people closest to your relationship. These other people will feel it before they know why.

Also, without even realizing it, you will be helping a lot of people, even who you have never see before. And even people who have conflicting opinions with yours.

But I warn, this help has to be only complementary. That is, if you restrict yourself to only things that do not invade the space where opinions enter. Just complement the obvious activities.

If you break that rule, you run a serious risk of hindering rather than helping. If this happens, many neurons will be sacrificed.

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After the GET OUT phase, I eat and relax listening to just my breath. At that time, the negative feelings (impatience, haste, anguish …) are reversed and the anger for conflicting opinions disappears. Finally, I do MEDITAÇÃO PLENA 1.

The result of all of this is that the awareness of my own limits is looming. With this, I can explore the capacity of my own neurons much better as well as soften my social interaction.

The gain of this cleaning is analogous to an ideal sunscreen, which blocks only the ultraviolet rays and everything else passes.

Paulo Ricardo Silveira Trainini

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